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24 oz. 100% PURE RAW HONEY & COMB


Why would someone separate two things that belong together? HONEY & COMB! Imagine eating a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly or a chocolate chip cookie without milk. What’s the point?

If you want an authentic 100% PURE RAW HONEY & COMB experience, then you want the purest form of honey available – Comb Honey. Comb Honey is as close to the beehive as you can get. The comb is cut directly from the hive and packaged, no processing is done. This is 100% PURE RAW HONEY & COMB at its finest. Few people have had the opportunity to try honey comb and fewer know that it is something you can eat – wax included. Each cell in this comb honey is bursting with 100% PURE RAW HONEY, a very sweet and flavorful honey.

Each batch of honey retains the floral essences of the plants from which it was made, but the flavor of wax comb also differs according to what the bees ate and adds a richness to the flavor.

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